An imagined fruitful autumn, of feast & field is inspired by the ephemeral beauty of nature and the rusticity of simple living and everyday life. It celebrates the flavours of each fleeting season and reconnects seasonality with everyday life through its baked goods. of feast & field also believes in going back to basics, gathering the best ingredients, and creating a tasteful experience in the simplest, most unsophisticated way.

Drawing inspiration from the Japanese aesthetic — wabi-sabi, the creation of of feast & field forms a sensibility in the acceptance and celebration of beauty in imperfection. of feast & field also finds appreciation in plainness and austerity, roughness and asymmetry, and its baked goods are guided by this credo of finding beauty in all things modest, humble, simple — and one that focuses on the value of small-batch and handcrafted.


The intangibility of time oftentimes understates the value of handcrafted in a world of instantaneity. At of feast & field, taking time and making it slow is quintessential. Behind the making of any baked goods entails a dedicated thought process and great attention to detail.

From the careful procurement of ingredients, hand-stirring and hand-making very small batches of cookies from-scratch to order, the slow-ageing process of every batch of cookie dough, to the aesthetic attention, packaging materials, and the hand-folding of every individual boxes, everything is made by the same pair of hands, and are deliberately thought out with an equal amount of attention and commitment.

of feast & field takes time to think about what and how to present and the very experience you have while eating it; as well as making it slow, staying true to the authenticity of small-batch. With time, a little more love, care, and dedication, only makes it better.  


Every box of baked goods at of feast & field is an invitation to slow down, to nourish, to reflect, and to gather. It is thoughtfully brought together to provide a source of comfort that warms the heart and nourishes the soul. It also represents a mood, and brings joy in celebrations and comforting quietness in moments of solace. It gathers people together and it keeps you warm when you need to be.




In a world of many complicated, imaginative, visually appealing, and bold interpretation of baked goods, of feast & field focuses on simplicity, the balance of texture, flavour, and aroma, and pays attention to the source of ingredients. It also appreciates the use of the best, natural ingredients to allow it to shine through in its baked goods.

From Isigny Sainte-Mère PDO butter, Callebaut and Valrhona chocolate fèves, to specialty ingredients like matcha powder from Marukyu-koyamaen, vanilla bean from Madagascar, and seasonal ingredients like strawberries and meyer lemons, every detail pays homage to the source of ingredients and the flavour it imparts.

Every baked confection is also made free of artificial flavouring, colouring, or use of additives to extend the shelf-life of the baked goods. This is especially important because it reflects the unadulterated flavour of the ingredients used, with a focus on quality and seasonality. And this is what of feast & field stands for.