I love a good double-chocolate-anything on days where I need a little indulgence or a weekday pick-me-up. Whilst an easy, no-frills, and satisfying salted caramel brownie brings about instant gratification and satiates any chocolatey cravings, it is not as straightforward or effortlessly easy as baking straight from the freezer. But this cookie does it.

Similar to the Levain-Style Chocolate Chip Cookie I have shared in the previous recipe, the double chocolate in this recipe comes from the addition of Valrhona cocoa powder. As the inherent source of flavour comes from the cocoa powder and chocolate, I highly recommend using the best quality cocoa powder or chocolate you can find as it may substantially change the quality and taste of your cookie. Whilst it is also understandable that the supply of the suggested ingredients may not be readily available, the cocoa powder and chocolates are substitutable. If you are unable to find Valrhona cocoa powder, I highly recommend using Cacao Barry Extra Brute, otherwise Hershey’s natural unsweetened cocoa powder works too. For chocolates, if you are unable to get your hands on Valrhona or Callebaut, Ghirardelli, Nestle Tollhouse, Hershey’s, Reese’s peanut butter chips are alternatives you can find at Cold Storage or FairPrice Finest, or on online supermarkets. I would recommend using a greater balance of bittersweet chocolates to counter the sweetness of the cookie.




Also, if you would like to achieve ooey-gooey meltiness in these cookies, err on the side of underbaking it. I would usually bake for at least 12 minutes and check on the consistency. As it is a double chocolate cookie, it is harder to tell the doneness of the cookie. Some visual cues to note if the cookie is baked is that the top of the cookie would turn matte, and upon pressing it, it is yielding but not entirely soft and dough-like. Every oven is different, and hence use the suggested time as a reference. Do experiment with different baking times and check on the consistency of the cookie you prefer.





As usual, have these cookies served warm with a glass of cold milk and if you're feeling indulgent, vanilla ice cream (!!!).

Share with me your thoughts on these cookies and send me photos of your creation! I would love to feature them on my Instagram @offeastandfield!

Enjoy! :)


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